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Live Broadcast Schedule (US Central Time):
Sat 1/23 8:30am-Noon, 1:15pm-4:30pm, 7:30-8:30pm
Sun 1/24 8:30am-Noon, 1:00pm-3:00pm


Thanks to Allisonhouse for providing the funds for the contest!

Vehicle entered must be shown by the owner. Owner must also be a registered attendee of CHASERCON to enter in the contest. Vehicle can be any make or model, and will be judged based on:

- Design of upgrades for chasing

- Equipment used to enhance chase experience

- Safety features for the driver and passengers

- Quality of chase vehicle build

ChaserCon Photo Art contest rules

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! It's time to let the cat out of the bag and announce who the judge is for the Photography/Art Contest. The one and ONLY.... David Hoadley!!! We also have a cool $500 to split between the Photography portion vs the Art portion of this contest. As to date, we have THREE photography entries and ZERO art entries. We know there are tons of great photos out there, belonging to people that are attending, as well as some pretty good artists! Sooooo, submit y...our favorite 2015 image and/or weather art and try for that chase gas money cash prize!!!! For those needing a reminder of the rules, here you go!!! But first, lets have some fun with this as only YOU ALL can help make it successful!!!! Here are the rules for the PHOTOGRAPHY contest portion of the 1st Annual ChaserCon Photography/Art Contest!!! But a brief message from your Convention coordinators first.

We really do like involving as many attendees as we can and love being able to offer this contest as part of the 2016 ChaserCon. The foundation of ChaserCon was based off of sharing videos, images and memories (and pizza) of the past chase year and having a good time with fellow chasers. Adding the art contest is another way of sharing and having a good time! are the rules for the photography portion of the contest. Rules for the Art portion of the contest will follow within this post.

National Weather Center Tours During ChaserCon!

We have arranged multiple tours FRIDAY AFTERNOON for anyone who wants a tour of the Center. (Sat and Sun not available!) Please click on the link below of your time choice. Spaces are limited! PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT OFFER TRAVEL TO AND FROM THE NWC! YOU MUST ARRANGE YOUR OWN OR FIND SOMEONE TO RIDE WITH.

2:00pm (35 person max)

2:30pm (35 person max)

3:00pm (35 person max)

3:30pm (35 person max)

4:00pm (35 person max)

4:30pm (35 person max)