Jon Davies

Jon Davies

Jon is a private meteorologist who has worked in operational forecasting, TV broadcasting, and forecasting research.

Growing up in Pratt, Kansas, weather always fascinated Jon, particularly severe storms and tornadoes. Watching storms has been Jon's hobby ever since he was 9 years old and observed a tornado pass very near his father’s business in Pratt. As an adult, Jon has continued to have a strong interest in understanding storms. Tornado forecasting, storm chasing, education, and documentation are his serious interests.

Jon moved to the area north of Kansas City in 2007, after living in Wichita, Kansas for a number of years. Jon has worked for The Weather Channel in Atlanta, and KSNW-TV, Weatherdata Inc., and Wichita State University in Wichita.

Although Jon is not affiliated directly with a government or academic institution, he has had a number of papers published in AMS (American Meteorology Society) publications as well as other magazines and journals.

Jon was married in 2008 to Shawna Helt in a unique storm chase wedding which was chronicled on the Weather Channel series "Tornado Road". Shawna is a storm chaser in her own right, and they enjoy chasing storms together when time allows. Shawna has a strong interest in public education about severe weather safety and response to disaster. She helped Jon write his storm chasing book for kids, "Storm Chasers! On the Trail of Twisters", and they do talks together at schools about severe weather in conjunction with the book.

Besides weather and storm chasing, Jon enjoys movies and British humor, along with reading, walking and jogging. Jon loves music and playing piano.

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